Pura Vida Surf Kayak World Championships

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Round 2 of Teams and Individual finals complete.

This morning wrapped up round 2 of the team event with 4 heats of masters surfing.
I currently don´t have the official points totals, but the placings were as follows (top 4 teams go to the Team finals tommorrow, where the points start over at zero):
1st place, US West, 2nd US East, 3rd Jersey.

There was a tough battle for 4th place, as Ireland and Northern Ireland were very close going into this morning´s heats. As fate would have it, they finished tied for fourth place, so it went to which team had the most number of first place finishes. Amazingly both teams were tied for # of first place finishes, so 2nd place finishes were then considered. Ireland had one more 2nd place finish than Northern Ireland did, and so Ireland was declared 4th place, and will surf in the finals.

In such a close race, much credit must be given to a very strong Northern Ireland team, they competed with heart and skill, and they are to be commended for a strong showing.

After Team event heats were run this morning, the Individual finals began. Needless to say every heat was very impressive, and too close to call by spectators. Many radical maneuvers were completed, and by the end of the day some of the waves were quite large.

Individual results will be released at the closing ceremonies tommorrow night. I will try to post them ASAP.

Swell is supposed to increase for tommorrows team finals, and so is the rain, should make for an interesting day.

Team standings after round 2
1st US West
2nd US East
3rd Jersey
4th Ireland
5th Northern Ireland
6th England
7th Basque
8th Scotland
9th Rest of World Team


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