Pura Vida Surf Kayak World Championships

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pura Vida World´s are completed.

The contest finished today with an exciting round of team finals.

I am not posting full results tonite, but I will list all the new world champions.

US East came on strong, leading for the first half of the day, only to be passed by US West in the afternoon.

Jersey finished 4th. The US East and Ireland tied for second, so it went down to number of first place finishes. Ireland had one more first than the US East did, so they finished 2nd, while the US East ended up 3rd.

The US West team had a great afternoon and are the new world champion team! Congrats on a job well done.

The individual world champions were rewarded tonight in an awards ceremony. The trophies were beautifully painted by a costa rican artisan, and I will try to post photos of them later.

Here are your new world champions:

Junior International: David Speller
Women´s International: Devon Barker
Grand Master´s International: Ross Fulcher
Master´s International: Dan Crandall
Men´s International: Darren Bason
Junior´s Open: David Speller
Women´s Open: April McEwen
Grand Master´s Open: Ross Fulcher
Master´s Open: Matt Radis
Men´s Open Jonny Bingham

I will post full results tommorrow.

Thanks to Toca, Neil, Rick Starr, The volunteers, and the WSKA Committee for a great contest.


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